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Traditional Dutch (board) games

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Dutch Games

Board games are every Dutch person’s guilty pleasure. The Dutch grow up with board games such as Monopoly. And you’re still wondering where their competiveness comes from..? The basement of Met Hotel has been turned into a large Game Room, with 50+ games to choose from. An afternoon or evening of enjoyment is guaranteed.

✓ 50+ (board) games
✓ cosy, lively atmosphere
✓ great for families/groups of friends or colleagues

Met Amsterdam - Celebrate Different

More information

The Game Room is open every day from 10am till 11pm. It is perfect for families or (small) groups: it can host up till 40 persons. In addition to board games, we also offer Virtual Reality experiences in our Game Room. There are over 25 experiences to choose from, single-player as well as multiplayer. Should you have any questions about one of our public spaces, do not hesitate to contact us!

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