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Founded in 2020 Met Amsterdam is a brand-new boutique hotel, bar, restaurant and contemporary workspace located in the urbanizing western part of Amsterdam, with its rich cultural life and a highly diverse population. We’re all different, which is great!

We welcome everyone from locals to tourists. Business travelers and holiday makers. Weekend breakers and midweek getaways. Backpackers and upright spinners. Selfie sticks and walking sticks. Universal travel adaptors and portable chargers. Met Amsterdam welcomes long and short haulers. Cooing couples and loud lovers. Insta taggers and tag alongers. Straight and curlies. Cheerful people and grumpy people, and everyone in between.

About us



Met Amsterdam is a brand new boutique hotel designed by the LEBO Vastgoed group in Amsterdam. With a rich history in the real estate market of Amsterdam New-West they decided to connect the local area and local people with a unique hotel in the lively, diverse neighbourhood of Amsterdam New-West.

The hotel is situated in the west part of Amsterdam. This area is well known for its diversity and own character of a multi-environment. The whole building is created by the grandfather of the LEBO company, mister Van Teefelen. The third generation of the family is active in the real estate and hospitality of Amsterdam New-West. What more does a unique hotel need to get its own feeling in real Amsterdam style.


Met People

A large part of our staff origins from Amsterdam (New-West) and we take great pride in that. Their straightforward, no-nonsense mentality will ensure that anyone who enters the Met Amsterdam will immediately feel welcome. Do you want to know which highlights you have to visit and which ones to avoid? Ask our staff, they know their way around Amsterdam and will be more than happy to help you.


Metropolitan Luxury

Met stands for ‘Metropolitan’ and everything that is different. Met Amsterdam is committed to diversity and inclusion, and welcomes everyone from locals to tourists. Experience our hospitality and luxury when you are staying in one of our rooms, or stop by for a bite and a drink in the restaurant or bar.

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Met Careers

Met Hotel Amsterdam is looking for local people living in Amsterdam New West who are interested to give the best experience for our guests at the Met Hotel Amsterdam. Hospitality, being personal and always give the best support and help? Then we want you!

Fortunately you can find our open vacancies on our website.

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